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Not only do they let you zip and unzip in a click, they also work with the archiving formats your macOS utility doesn’t support — such as RAR, and they work great for encrypting files. Another way to extract files from a ZIP archive is by running unzip. You’ll have to specify the file name as well as the password, otherwise the program will skip this step. The -o option is helpful when you want to exclude some files, such as those with the “.h” extension. If you don’t want unzip to overwrite existing files, you can use -x instead. If the zip file already exists, you need to create a new one.

  • That said, there are times when you need to turn formats like PDFs into JPEGs.
  • Before we explain to you how to switch from Excel format to another, let’s see the difference between Excel and CSV.
  • Once a new version of IE comes out with this vital support, you should see the effect springing up on trendy designers’ sites across the web.
  • This is a common format that is prevalent on the web.

Until and unless the chart is necessary, I suggest to not have a chart in excel file. If your excel file is large you will notice longer loading time, reduced performance, unresponsiveness, etc.

Luckily, you can have your document in both versions and use one particular file format depending on the situation. For instance, if you have only an Excel document in .xls.format you can also save your document in .csv. BMP file XLS is a former version of the file extension for a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that uses a proprietary binary format. We also noticed that the extensions of different excel tables are also different.

zip Command Options

Although this tool goes quite deep into various values and fields in PNG files, it can’t be perfectly detailed. For example, outputting every DEFLATE symbol, every pixel value, or even every palette value, would be very verbose and probably not helpful. Also, there are some complex external data formats that I choose not to understand or decode, such as ICC profiles or Exif metadata. When this tool is insufficient for your needs, the only remaining solution is to examine the raw bytes of a file, and parse the chunks and fields yourself. A PNG file can contain multiple IDAT chunks to hold the compressed image data. This is semantically equivalent to concatenating the data bytes of all IDAT chunks; it is not equivalent to having multiple images.


As you can see above, the zip command shows you how much space it’s saved for each item in the folder. Since these photos are already compressed, no space is saved, but what’s important here is protecting the archive with a password. In other cases, you will save space when performing this operation. Select the disk image you just created and press Command+i or right click on it and select “Get Info.”The reason I recommend using the sparse disk image now becomes clear. I set the disk image to be 1 GB, but it only takes up 7.5 MB on my drive.